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Mogadishu... <3 C=

Góðan dagin,

well I'm gonna take a philosophy course in April. It's at an adult education center here in my home town. I had a chat with a coworker and we decided yesterday on work to do something because it's so mind-dying there that you need something to keep your brain fit in return for this stupid job. And I was looking for some Finnish-course but they start all in august. The philosophy course is about 2 month every Thursday. I'm curious about what kind of people will be there .

And of course I can't wait to start studying in July. Braincells time to wake up. I think I'm gonna do some flyer ads for my photography. An offer for children portraits. So some mothers can book me for an afternoon to take some pictures of their kids for a piece of apple pie, a warm coffee and small, little, tiny, few euros. It's for practise and meeting new people and being surrounded by kiddos. Hihi.

I recovered Nietzsche. I'm reading his books again and I really missed it. I miss discussing about all these thesis. I miss studying it. Damn.

Awww. Got a Julia-Berry-Package. My mobile is berried, my ears are, my soul is .

Berry Package!
20.3.09 00:15

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